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Reliability and technology

Reliability and technology

Flexibility and dynamism

Flexibility and dynamism

Respect and team spirit

Respect and team spirit

Diversification and specialization

Diversification and specialization

Dynamic solutions and reliable services

Elettromar has taken this presupposition the most important company tenet. In fact, the greatest care and attention to company elements make Elettromar unique on the market. The success of our customers is our goal.

Elettromar is an engineering and construction company that proposes turn-key solutions aimed at the optimization Customer’s productive processes through the realization of integrated industrial process and product automation systems.

Technological competence

Long years of hands-on plant experience allied to a deep knowledge of the technical principles of industrial automation make Elettromar a thoroughly reliable systems integrator.

Operating effectiveness

The ability to diversify operating strategy in a variety of fields of activities has allowed Elettromar to acquire niche specialization that promotes the development of an ever-new, high quality propositivity.

Global success

The location close to main industrial areas at national level and many worldwide projects carried out testify the company’s ability to operate wherever the customer may requireit presence.

The success of our Customers is our goal

Elettromar offers turnkey solutions in order to optimize the customer production processes through the implementation of integrated industrial process and product automation systems. The long-year of hands-on plant experience allied to a deep knowledge of technical principles of industrial automation make Elettromar a thoroughly reliable system integrator.


Values to build the future

Being an excellent systems integrator in industrial process and product automation presupposes the existence of a dynamic, organized company world, very attentive at technical and technological evolution.

Reliability and technology

The continuous investment in company processes aimed at development of human capital. Elettromar have excellent resources at its disposition and can guarantee high quality performance every time.

Flexibility and dynamism

The strong customer orientation of the Elettromar organization is the inspiring principles of the company. An innate propensity to reshape it's operating flows in order to ensure Customer satisfacion, all that characterizes the Elettromar offers to the market.

Respect and Team spirit

A constant commitment turned to fairness, to mutual trust and to active cooperation.

Elettromar history

Elettromar is on the market of most important industrial sectors for over 35 year.

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Multisectoral Experience

The organizational structure of Elettromar is characterized by professionalism and ability. The over 25 years of experience gained in the many industrial fields show the aptitude of an organization able to shape its corporate identity in function of sectoral typologies, developing a new and quality proposition.

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AM4.0 : Macchina per il miglioramento delle performance meccaniche di ABS da stampa 3D
ELETTROMAR s.p.a. Progetto finanziato nel quadro del POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020.

ELMAR – Investimenti ristrutturazione delle aree operative di Elettromar, per ottimizzare i processi rispettando i requisiti di distanziamento;
adozione di procedure di telelavoro e di misure di protezione da Covid19.
Progetto co-finanziato dal POR CreO FESR Toscana 2014-2020 Azione 3.1.1 sub 3a).

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40th anniversary

40th anniversary

Today is a very important day for Elettromar and for all of us .

40 years ago on October 7th , the entrepreneurial adventure began which saw our Company grow and establish itself nationally and internationally, gaining the trust of our stakeholders.

It is a duty, as well as a pleasure, to share this anniversary with all of you who have been players in this path of growth. Without your passion and dedication we could not have reached this important milestone.

Our warm thanks go to all of you.

At the same time, we cannot fail to remember the colleagues who left us prematurely, but they continue to show us the way forward by example .

We consider this anniversary not a goal, but only a stage on the road still to be traveled together, full of new challenges and objectives to be grasped with renewed enthusiasm.

Via Archimede, 186 Follonica - Italy

Phone: +39 0566.26221

Via del Sugheraio, 161 Follonica - Italy

Phone: +39 0566.26221

Sede operativa

Via Arno, 9/15

Telefono: +39 0566.26221

Elettromar S.p.a. - Via Archimede, 186 - 58022 - Follonica, Grosseto - Italia
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