Our history

Experience and skill for over 35 years

Elettromar has been on the market in the main industrial sectors since 1981,carrying out key in hand automation systems. Its presence next to the most important main industrialized national areas and its numerous successful projects around the world testifies the company’s propensity to operate wherever the customer requests it.

Elettromar 1981

Elettromar was founded in 1981, when the original group of partners decided to offer electro-instrumental services and activities aimed at process automation to steel,chemical and mining operators present in the area.

Elettromar 1986

The positive and immediate appreciation shown by the market stimulated the company to start up a process of growth and development, aimed particularly at reinforcing technical abilities, which gradually resulted in the widening of their application to cover other sectors.

Elettromar 1990

As commercial activity expanded, the company obtained a leading role in the manufacturing of electrical automation systems in other sectors, such as energy, environment and paper making.

Elettromar 1992

The elevated specialization with entrepreneurial spirit always ready in the challenges offered by national and international markets has encouraged Elettromar to diversify its organization both from the geographical and sectorial points of views.

Elettromar 1998

Its entry in the rail market, and more recently in the marine, testify the validity of this strategy company; from process automation to product.

Elettromar 2006

The entry in marine market testifies the company’s will to diversify its commercial business .

Elettromar 2011

Elettromar Inc was founded in Miami in order to follow the American market

Elettromar 2015

Elettromar Impianti was founded in Follonica in order to follow the marine field.

Elettromar Oggi

Elettromar works in close cooperation with END USERS and OEM’S and it is directly involved in significant projects at Italian and international levels.

Now, let's write our future together !

Via Archimede, 186 Follonica - Italy

Phone: +39 0566.26221

Via del Sugheraio, 161 Follonica - Italy

Phone: +39 0566.26221

Sede operativa

Via Arno, 9/15

Telefono: +39 0566.26221

Elettromar S.p.a. - Via Archimede, 186 - 58022 - Follonica, Grosseto - Italia
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