Paper making

Tuscany : the cradle of paper making

The Tuscan paper making pole is one of the most important at international level, and its presence has allowed Elettromar to express its potential in this field too.

Production, winding up and much more

The main projects realized deserve to be cited : the control systems and supervision for patina and pulper recovery plants as well as for rolling and rolling winding plants. As a system integrator, also in the field of automation based on wireless technology, Elettromar has carried out a lot of radio remote control installations for crans and radio wagons.


  • Process automation
  • Material handling

Via Archimede, 186 Follonica - Italy

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Via del Sugheraio, 161 Follonica - Italy

Phone: +39 0566.26221

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Telefono: +39 0566.26221

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