A simple and functional structure

The company in Follonica is the headquarters for all our on-site operational sites which are strategically located in the areas of our most important Customers

Headquarters & Group

Follonica’s headquarters is the focal point of the Company, where all strategic and commercial-technical and financial activities are concentrated. In this highly professional environment, a lot of different activities of additional value in the engineering and software development fields are carried out, always in synergy with on site operational units.

Production and Logistics

The production plant, next to the headquarters, is the place where all activities of construction, trials and testing are carried out. In addition, a part of the operational area is functionally organized to guarantee all auxiliary logistical services.

Operating Units

The close interconnection between headquarters and on-site operational sites units, and the perfect integration between these last and the end Customers represent one of Elettromar’s strong points, and the key of success for a reliable, competitive, and quality service.

  • PIOMBINO Erection & Logistic unit since 1993
  • FIRENZE Operating unit since 1994
  • MASSA Operating unit since 1994
  • PISTOIA Operating unit since 1998
  • MILANO Operation unit since 2002
  • TARANTO Operation unit since 2003
  • LIVORNO Operation unit since 2006
  • VIAREGGIO Operation unit since 2013
  • ANCONA Operation unit since 2016

Elettromar INC

Elettromar INC

To ensure a presence in the USA market, Elettromar decided to set up a new company, Elettromar Inc., in Miami The new company operates through three operating units located in:

  • Miami (Florida)
  • Pittsburg (California)
  • Dansville (New York)

Elettromar Impianti

Elettromar Impianti

Elettromar Impianti is the coordination point for all activities regarding electrical engines, generators and transformer installations, distribution and control equipment and the commissioning of plants.

Information and Privacy

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Via Archimede, 186 Follonica - Italy

Phone: +39 0566.26221

Via del Sugheraio, 161 Follonica - Italy

Phone: +39 0566.26221

Sede operativa

Via Arno, 9/15

Telefono: +39 0566.26221

Elettromar S.p.a. - Via Archimede, 186 - 58022 - Follonica, Grosseto - Italia
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SOA registration 6157/04/00 - REA 65800

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