Sustainable Future Financing, Unicredit disburses EUR 1.5 million to Elettromar

Published on 11 Aug 2022 on

The transaction, which is 80 percent backed by a guarantee from the MCC Guarantee Fund, is aimed at securing new liquidity for the Follonica (Grosseto) based company

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UniCredit is supporting the Elettromar sustainable development plans, an engineering and construction company that offers solutions aimed at optimising production processes through the creation of integrated industrial process and product automation systems.

The bank has finalised a EUR 1.5 million operation in favour of the company, 80% assisted by the guarantee of the Guarantee Fund for SMEs, managed by Mediocredito Centrale on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development.

This is - Unicredit explained in a note – a solution devised by UniCredit for businesses that are committed to improving their sustainability profile, aimed at supporting company investments.

Through “Finanziamento Futuro Sostenibile” UniCredit grants the company a reduction in the rate compared to the conditions offered for these operations, with subsequent verification of the achievement of at least two improvement objectives in the ESG sphere, pre-established at the signing of the contract.

Three categories of objectives have been identified: environmental protection, improvement of social aspects and ethical business conduct. The bank is committed to monitoring the company’s performance and communicating it through self-certification or a dedicated statement in the notes to the client company’s financial statements.

The operation for Elettromar SpA has an amortisation period of 3 years and it’s aimed at supporting the company in optimising supplier payment operations.

The loan is tied to the achievement of two ESG objectives that the company has committed to within three years: on the one hand, the development of corporate welfare programmes; on the other, the employment of disabled people or people belonging to protected categories.

For the first point, Elettromar has started the implementation of OneFlex, a Welfare platform for management of Flexible Benefits plans, which guarantees workers online access to all the benefits granted by Italian regulations, through a wide panel of services and conventions.

For the second point, the company already has 8 workers registered in the protected categories and aims to increase by 4 within 2022, in addition to the activation of internships for young people, including those with disabilities, to enter the world of work.

“In the last two years we have been witness of disruptive and frenetic changes for companies, society and economy. We had to study - says Andrea Fratoni, procurement manager and board member of Elettromar Spa, - a new strategy, implementing operations and financial instruments to face emergencies with greater strength and effectiveness in order to reach plans agreed with customers and suppliers.

The loan obtained from UniCredit is strategic to meet all the objectives that the international market will require and to continue to realise our board strategic focus, which identifies ESG issues as key drivers for the company’s objectives, as well as technological innovation and the creation of long-term value for all stakeholders”.

“We strongly believe in companies as Elettromar Spa, the companies able to exploit the levers of innovation and internationalisation. And we are happy - says Andrea Burchi, UniCredit’s North Central Regional Manager - to accompany them on a path capable of giving a strong acceleration towards an ESG strategy, generating a positive impact towards the environment, communities and good governance of the company itself. We have set up targeted solutions such as “Finanziamento Futuro Sostenibile”, through we are able to provide credit to local companies that want to improve their business sustainability. Therefore, we actively support them to seize new opportunities for growth.”


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