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Maine State visits Elettromar INC at Miac Meeting in Lucca

Published on 19 Oct 2018 on Eventi e fiere

We have received the visit of Ms. Maria McIntyre, the Managing Director of Invest in Maine, and Mr. Danilo Di Fonzo, OCO consultant. We hope that ELETTROMAR SPA and ELETTROMAR INC can build a profitable business relationship with Maine State.

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Elettromar Inc at 2018 Annual Meeting American Public Transportation Association (APTA) in Nashville

Published on 12 Oct 2018 on Eventi e fiere

About this Conference

APTA’s Annual Meeting is the flagship event for public transportation professionals to engage in workshops, join tours, and network with colleagues. Keynote speakers and educational sessions explore hot topics, including transformative technology, community building, innovative funding and finance, safety, workforce development, worldwide mega projects, and more.


MIAC 2018 (10.11.12 October 2018 LUCCA)  STAND 32

Published on 08 Oct 2018 on Eventi e fiere

Elettromar Spa




Elettromar cooperates with the University Enterprises, Inc of Sacramento State

Published on 17 May 2018 on

Elettromar has cooperated with the “Hornet Hyperloop” team of the Enterprise, Inc of Sacramento State University for the Hyperloop project in competitions:



The new project Super Turbine for BHGE and Electrical System for gigayacht

Published on 23 Mar 2018 on

” The new project of Elettromar: the Super Turbine for BHGE; the Electrical System for gigayacht and the automation for paper mill . “

“A Boeing Super Turbine to apply at oil & gas, the construction of Electrical System in a gigayacht and the automation of a paper mill in Japan. These are the most recent orders obtained by Elettromar spa. They are distined to boost the 2018 turnover of our Grossetana Company, in the forefront of technology and specialized in the automation of production processes. Together with the BHGE, the Nuovo Pignone owner where Elettromar has an operating team settled down in Florence, it is working about a protoptype turbine of aeronautical origin. The turbine is coming from the Ge90 engine (it is the most powerful ever built that equips the Boing 777) and it is adapted at terrestrial applications. The second project concerns the realization and the design of electrical systems on board of the largest gigayacht (107 meters in length) ever built by Azimut Benetti fields. And at last but not least, there is the carrying out of process automation for an important paper mill in Japan”.

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Elettromar at 24th edition |  11.12.13 October 2017 |  LUCCA – ITALY |

Published on 02 Oct 2017 on Eventi e fiere

24th edition | 11.12.13 October 2017 | LUCCA – ITALY |


Elettromar spa Our World & Skills System Integration for Paper Industry

Being an excellent systems integrator in industrial process and product automation presupposes the existence of a dynamic, organized company world, very attentive at technical and technological evolution. Elettromar has taken this presupposition and become the company tenet.

The elevated specialization with entrepreneurial spirit always opened to the challanges offered by national and international markets encourage Elettromar to diversify its organization both from the geographical and sectorial points of views. The Tuscan paper making pole is one of the most important at international level, and its presence has allowed Elettromar to express its potential in this field too.Production, winding up and much moreThe main projects realized deserve to be cited : the control systems and supervision for patina and pulper recovery plants as well as for rolling and rolling winding plants. As a system integrator, also in the field of automation based on wireless technology, Elettromar has carried out a lot of radio remote control installations for crans and radio wagons. Fields of applications * Process Automation * Material handling


Elettromar is a company 4.0

Published on 03 May 2017 on Rassegna stampa

Florence, 1st February 2017 - There was also Elettromar in Firenze, for signing, within Galileo program, the Memorandum of Understanding between the General Electric Oil & Gas, the Ministry of Economic Development represented by Minister Mr. Calenda and Regione Toscana (with Governor Mr. Enrico Rossi). The agreement expects that within six months, the research organizations, the test laboratories, the industrial service providers and the Small and Medium-size Companies already active or interested in settling in our region will be identified in Tuscany in order to be involved in the activities expected in the program, in Industry 4.0 way. In this occasion, through Nuovo Pignone some investments more than $ 600 million were confirmed with the goal to form a center of excellence in Tuscany for the development of turbines and compressors.

At the meeting, Elettromar spa, the Follonichese company, was invited. During its speech it asserted: “In this important context, Elettromar spa has been called to describe its corporate experience as a small and medium-sized company in Tuscany with the long tradition of collaboration with the research and development of Nuovo Pignone GE Oil & Gas.”


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